In the state of Ohio, there are 61,439 licensed lawyers!

This number is almost equivalent to the populations of Brookpark and Cleveland Heights combined. How in the world are you supposed to choose the one attorney for your unique case!?

I am going to share with you some unique insight that I have in how to choose the right attorney for a specific case. This criteria will help you select the right representation in any scenario, whether you have been hurt in an accident, won the lottery or are filing for divorce!

Here are the 4 criteria you should focus on before selecting an attorney in Ohio

1. Specialization

The attorney you choose must practice exclusively in legal area of your specific claim! You don’t want a divorce attorney to file your accident case. When my clients come to me, they know that I am highly experienced in catastrophic injury, accidents, birth injury, wrongful death and medical malpractice.

This is important for a variety of reasons, but as you can imagine the top reason is having the experience and winning record for claims of that type.

2. Big Money

Big cases cost big money! In addition to the time it takes for your legal team to prepare for your case – there are exorbitant fees for expert witnesses, accident reconstruction, deposition fees and more – And let me tell you, no one is going to outspend me!

The attorney you choose should have a record of selecting the best experts, and going above and beyond preparation for each and every case. My clients know that when I am in their corner, there will be no expense spared!

3. Success rate in settlement amounts

Look for results! The attorney you choose must prove they have a winning record for claims of your type.

In over 30 years of practicing law in Cleveland, I have seen some of the best and brightest in their specialties simply not make the cut – If all of the pieces of the pie aren’t present, you simply won’t have the winning combination.

Cases that go after big entities, like insurance companies, healthcare power houses and more – should have an attorney that has a winning record. You want me on your side when it comes time to take the big players down, and I’ll Make Them Pay!®

 4. Speaks to you often and direct

Your attorney should communicate with you frequently, honestly, and professionally. My clients have come to expect my regular communication with them or their family, and appreciate the directness and thoroughness of our conversations.

Even with over 20 offices in Ohio – Every single one of my clients gets my cell phone number. My wife Stephanie may not like it all of the time, but she understands how vital my help is to the success of your case!

Following these guidelines will allow you to select an attorney with confidence, regardless if you are pursuing a large injury claim or filing a tax status revision.

I clearly satisfy all 4 criteria and I am proud to say that my clients almost always share with me that they know I was the right attorney for their case.  

View my recent I’ll Make Them Pay!® on this exact topic here!

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How to Select the Best Attorney for your Case
This content addresses the 4 critical criteria for selecting the right attorney to handle a specific claim. The four criteria are: 1. Specialization in Claim Type 2. Has the Financial Resources to Try the Claim 3. Display a Winning Record 4. Communicates Often
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