Ohio Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Accidents happen as an everyday part of life.

If you are injured on the job, regardless of fault, you are entitled to benefits from the Ohio Workers’ Compensation Commission. Unfortunately, workers’ compensation IS NOT a claimant friendly process.

Make no mistake about it, the claims process is an adversarial proceeding. In order to receive fair compensation you need to call me as your Ohio workers’ compensation lawyer.

back-injury-workers-compensationIt is important to note that in many instances the injured worker may be able to pursue a number of claims at the same time.

In addition to the workers’ compensation claim, the injured worker may be able to hold the person liable who caused his or her injuries. For example, that person may be the company that produces a defective product or a negligent third party such as, a driver of a car or an operator of equipment or machinery.

Most types of injuries are immediate and readily recognized. However, there are many illnesses and diseases that are the result of work conditions, such as, heart conditions, lung disease, and stress related digestive problems, that you may also be compensated for.

For 33 years, I have helped injured workers navigate the treacherous maze of workers’ compensation law, and I “make them pay” time and time again as a Cleveland personal injury lawyer.

Not only can we assist you with a recent work-related claim, but we can revive old workers’ compensation claims, as well.

Call me today at 1-800-55-MISNY and I will do everything possible to help you obtain the compensation you deserve for your work-related injury.

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Workers' Compensation
Ohio Workers' Compensation information. Detailed information for anyone injured in a work related accident in Ohio. Tim Misny, addresses key facts to know before pursuing legal action.