In Ohio, if you are injured or suffer from a long term medical or mental health condition, you may be eligible for social security disability payments to assist in covering your monthly expenses. These benefits can range, but typically provide for supplemental income if you are unable to work and gain adequate income due to health and medical conditions. Starting with the application process, the entire road can be intimidating and confusing. For many, the end result is a denial of your claim. As an experienced attorney, my team has fought for those individuals to gain fair benefits through the social security disability programs available in our state. Simply reapplying is not typically an adequate means to get the benefits you deserve, and I will rally on your behalf to gain the long term benefits you are entitled to.

The required information and the overall process itself, is everything but encouraging

The first step is to review the application requirements.  A person is required to provide a wealth of information prior to beginning the application process. Personal information, financial information, medical information and more are all part of a lengthy and discouraging application process. I have had countless clients all but give up until they sought legal assistance.

Don’t settle for what Social Security Benefits are Offered

When it comes to social security disability benefits, you shouldn’t settle for some of what you deserve. The system that is in place assigns a value to your disability claim and any arguments to the contrary go unheard. Let me take on the system and fight for the benefits that are due.

As your experienced Ohio lawyer, I’ll be there for you, and I’ll Make Them Pay!®
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Ohio Social Security Disability Rights
There are ways to battle the Social Security system, but the typical claimant is too busy dealing with their health to really understand how. This is precisely why it is so important to hire an experience disability attorney to ensure your voice heard and who understands how to work the system in your favor.
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