Certified mail has gained an interesting reputation in the legal realm and beyond, with the simple concept of confirming receipt cloaked in mystery and fear by intended recipients. As an attorney, certified mail is an every day part of what I do – and ensuring my clients understand the importance and the process is important.

What is Certified Mail?

Certified mail can be a letter, a package or another postal piece that is sent from one party to another, with the recipient signing for the delivery. Certified mail protects both the sender and the recipient by proving a specific delivery date and time.

Failure to accept certified mail can leave you in the dark on very important information! Many legal authorities use certified mail to ensure delivery, and failure to sign can cause problems down the road.

Once certified mail is returned to the sender without a signature, the sender can send the item via standard mail. I have seen cases where the item may or may not have been sent through postal mail which poses a problem if the party cannot prove receipt of the information. I have seen opposing parties use this tactic time and again, resulting in complications that can be completely avoided!

What is Sent Through Certified Mail?

Certified mail is often used for legal correspondence, tax notifications and other similar communications. It is important to understand that simply signing for the delivery does not obligate you in any fashion. Signing simply verifies receipt.  In some cases a reply or action may be required.

Whether you are involved in legal proceedings or not, it is always a good idea to accept your certified mail and take action accordingly.

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Certified Mail – Sign or Hide?
Certified mail is used to verify a recipient actually receives the intended piece of mail. By signing for a piece of certified mail, the date and time of receipt is verified and documented. This process is used to protect the interests of both the sender and the recipient.