Ohio employers have specific responsibilities when it comes to work-related injuries. If you experience a workplace injury/illness, it will be beneficial for you to understand your employer’s responsibility as you proceed with a workers’ compensation claim.

In the state of Ohio, all employers with 5 or more employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance coverage.

Employers are responsible for the safety of their workers while on the clock. This includes providing the following:

  • Active insurance coverage (state fund WC claims through workers’ compensation insurance, self-insured through their own company’s funds)
  • Filing the claim with the insurance provider or BWC
  • Advising the injured worker to seek medical attention
  • Selecting a managed care organization (MCO) to medically manage the claims for injured employees—an MCO is required in the state of Ohio

There are two types of employers for insurance coverage: State-fund employers and Self-insured employers.

With that being said, Ohio workers have the same rights whether it is through a state-fund employer or a self-insured employer. The process, however, will be slightly different for SI employers so they will need to uphold specific obligations after a work injury.

Self-Insured employer responsibilities include the following:

  • Must make arrangements for medical care within reason during workplace hours
  • Assist the injured employee in filling out WC applications and benefit forms
  • Review workers’ compensation claims in a timely manner
  • Issue payment in a timely manner
  • Must keep an office in the state of Ohio that has 1+ employees capable of administering a WC program (may also use a third-party administrator to assist)
  • Retain claim files within the state at one of their locations with approval from the BWC

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Employer Responsibility for WC Claims
If you are injured at work or while performing your job at another location, do you understand your employer's responsibility as it pertains to your injury? The information offered on this page will help you understand your employers Workers' Compensation responsibilities.