Children as well as adults should routinely wear helmets everytime they ride a bicycle, use a skateboard, or wear roller skates, or rollerblades. Numerous sports require the use of helmets, especially football, hockey, skiing, and snowboarding. Why? Accidents happen, and you surely don’t want to end up with a preventable head injury, just because that helmet is uncomfortable or bulky. According to the CDC, concussions are no laughing matter, because they can cause irreparable damage. No matter how experienced you are in a sport, wearing a helmet is of utmost importance.

What You Need to Know About Brain Injuries

Brain injuries are devastating…. Period! Everyone should recognize the signs of a traumatic brain injury which include: dark circles around the eyes, confusion, headaches, and a loss of consciousness. If you suspect your child, family member or friend suffered a head injury, they must go to the emergency room right away, because time is of the essence. The sooner the diagnosis, the better the outcome may be.

In general, even minor falls without a helmet can cause a major brain injury. This is because the brain cannot expand when it swells, due to the confines of the skull.  As such, catastrophic injuries can occur. The brain is vital, as it controls everything from breathing and heartbeat to memory and vision… so do your best to protect it!

Properly Fitted Helmets Save Lives

The first line of protection is a helmet. There are many kinds on the market today, from those made for baseball (batter’s helmets) to those worn by in equestrians during events. There are also general models designed for activities like skateboarding and bicycling. No matter what kind you select for your activity, you need to ensure that it fits properly.

Try on the helmet at the store. It should sit snugly on the crown of the head and cover the forehead, back of the head, and the sides. The strap that keeps the helmet in place should comfortably fasten under the chin. Standard helmets are made for various age groups, so this is a good starting point when choosing a helmet to protect your child. For adults, look for sizes, such as small, medium, and large. Most importantly, once you purchase a helmet, make sure to wear it!

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Catastrophic Injuries