Concussions have been in the news of late, primarily because many retired football players are suffering the long-term consequences of too many concussions.  As a result, the NFL and other sports leagues have become more cautious and diligent about head injuries. For example, young children just learning to play football are taught the proper way to wear their helmets, as well as how to tackle other players without hitting their heads. Of course, no matter how cautious people are, concussions and head injuries still occur, so it’s important to recognize the symptoms.

Main Symptoms of a Head Injury

There are many symptoms to look for to determine whether or not that blow to the head is something that needs to be checked out immediately. For example, look at the eyes of a young child who is unable to complain that their head hurts.  If they appear to have black eyes or dark rings around the eyes that weren’t there before, then this may be indicative of swelling on the brain.

Other signs include feeling fatigued, dizzy, and nauseous. You’ll notice these symptoms in people of all ages. Being very crabby or irritated, as well as walking unsteadily is another primary symptom. Also, look for major changes in their eating habits and sleeping patterns. For example, if a child is very tired all of the time, then something is clearly wrong.

The aforementioned headache, as well as a ringing in the ears, vomiting, general confusion, speech problems, amnesia/memory problems,  sensitivity to light and noise can also indicate that a concussion or head injury is present.

What to Do If You Suspect a Concussion

Brain injuries (often referred to as a TBI or traumatic brain injury) can have major health consequences. Once the brain begins to swell, it has nowhere to expand because of the rigid skull.  This leads to increased pressure. Hemorrhage and permanent damage to brain tissues can follow. As a result, if you suspect that someone suffered a brain injury, go straight to the emergency room. A doctor’s care is crucial to survival and the faster you get there, the better.

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