Ohio Nursing Home Abuse

For over thirty years, I have fought for the rights of our senior citizens and their families against some of Ohio’s largest nursing home and skilled care facilities.  Our growing senior population will undoubtedly see a rise in horrific abuse and neglect, and I will fight to MAKE THEM PAY!®.

Preying on seniors is unfortunately a common occurrence in Ohio nursing homes and across the country.  When nursing home negligence escalates to nursing home abuse, the ramifications can be heart breaking.  With nowhere to turn, our Ohio seniors need an expert in their corner. With only 1 in 14 cases of abuse estimated to be reported, it is time we hold those individuals and organizations accountable.

Nursing home abuse is often thought of as physical or emotional abuse, however there are several types of elder abuse;

  • Extreme lack of medical care
  • Pinching, poking, hitting or harming a resident
  • Emotionally terrorizing a resident
  • Verbal abuse
  • Excessive use of restraints or isolation
  • Financial abuse
  • Sexual abuse

Our seniors have worked so hard to help create the incredible world we all enjoy and take for granted.  Protecting their safety and their dignity is my number one priority.

Ohio Elder and Nursing Home Abuse

Unskilled caregivers and even trusted medical staff can often be the perpetrators of elder abuse in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.  Recent Ohio ratings indicate extensive issues and record low scores, largely in part due to the quality of staff and the training they receive.

  • Training minimums reported to be 50% less than other states
  • Patient / resident to staff ratio lower than average
  • 41% of Ohio’s facilities received a POOR rating
  • 31 reported deaths in 3 years, as a result of care related issues
  • Over $6 Million in fines in 3 years

Elder abuse is a serious offense in nursing homes. My unequivocal commitment to protecting our seniors and their dignity and safety is documented in over 30 years of successful cases. If you or your loved one was abused at a nursing home or skilled nursing facility, call me and I’ll Make Them Pay!®

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Cleveland, Ohio Nursing Home Abuse
Nursing home abuse is common in Cleveland and across Ohio. If you or a loved one has been the victim of nursing home abuse, you need to call my offices immediately.
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