Today on “Getting Legal with Tim Misny,” I discussed a common trend I hear from patients with host 19 Action News weatherman Jason Handman. Oftentimes patients are told by their doctors that their medical complication or injury was “unavoidable.”

But often the tragedy WAS avoidable.

I explain why doctors might lie after medical accidents at the demand of their insurance companies and why you need my services as a personal injury lawyer in Cleveland, Ohio, to assess the medical records, research the case and find out the truth about what happened.

Getting Legal airs on CBS 19 every Friday morning at 7:55 a.m.

Why Doctors Lie After a Medical Accident
Why Doctors Lie After a Medical Accident

Could your injury have been avoided? Most doctors will not admit to a medical error. In this episode, I discuss why doctors lie and how I get to the bottom of every medical mistake case I take.

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