In today’s episode of “Getting Legal with Tim Misny,” CBS weatherman Jason Handman and I discuss a common complaint I hear from clients: health care professionals often fail to explain what happened after a medical accident, and just blow the patient off.

I explain why this happens and why it is necessary to engage my services as a personal injury lawyer in Cleveland, Ohio. Being blown off cannot be tolerated, and I will take the necessary steps and effort to find out what really happened.

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Jason Handman:  Good morning and welcome to another edition of Getting Legal with Tim Misny. Tim, back at the Diner on 55th, our favorite spot.

Tim: 55th and St. Claire.

Jason: And for the last 32 years your success, first of all, has been phenomenal, especially when it comes to these medical malpractice, birth injury and catastrophic injury cases. Are there certain buzz words, certain signs that someone sees when it comes to medical professionals that they would say, “Uh oh, maybe something’s wrong here?”

Tim: Great question. Over the last three decades a common complaint has been that when something goes wrong, the health care professional, be it the doctor, nurse, whomever, ignores the client. Blows the client off.

Jason: Let’s say some kind of surgery has just happened, something goes wrong . . .

Tim: Yes.

Jason: Someone informs me of this . . .

Tim: A bad result. They’re told that their loved one is in a coma, their loved one is dead.

Jason: And what am I looking for that will make me say , “Uh oh, you know, maybe something’s wrong here?”

Tim: Well, the reason why health care professionals will blow people off and not disclose what happened is for liability purposes. They’re not allowed by the hospital or by their insurance companies to make admissions against their interest. That’s called making an admission against their interest, saying “You know, I fumbled the ball. We did something wrong. And we’re sorry about it.” You won’t hear that.

Jason: OK, so when something like  that happens and, you know, people are avoiding me and no one’s telling me anything, what should I do?

Tim: You’ve got to call me. You’ve got to find out what happened, and the only way to do that is by engaging my services. I get all the records. I sit down with my experts. We find out what happened. Being blown off cannot be tolerated.

Jason: OK, and how can they get a hold of you?

Tim: It’s really simple. You can call my anytime at 1-800-55-MISNY. Visit my website,, and you will meet with me personally. And I will meet with you at a time and place that’s convenient for the clients and their families. And if I take the case, they’re going to get my direct dial cell phone number so they can have access to me 24/7.

Jason: OK and unlike other law offices where there’s, you know, nine different last names, it’s only your name.

Tim: You’re dealing with Tim Misny.

Jason: All right, thanks so much Tim.

Tim: Thank you, my friend.

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