Medical malpractice occurs every day, and patients in public healthcare facilities are at risk. VA hospitals in particular have become known for their poor standard of care, and being unable to provide for the immediate needs, health and well-being of their patients. Our veterans deserve respect and excellent healthcare, but often this is not what they receive at VA medical facilities.

Veterans who seek care at VA hospitals often report long wait times to see a doctor, extensive and confusing paperwork, and poor overall care; in the worst case scenario, veterans may receive such poor care that it leads to injury or death.

VA facilities may be under-resourced or understaffed, which can lead to medication errors, surgical aftercare mismanagement, and poor general care. Mistakes in care, medication, or emergency response should always be reported to the patient’s family, so they understand what happened to their loved one, and what the hospital will do to rectify their mistakes.

In some cases, VA hospitals have made egregious mistakes in care and then tried to cover it up. You have a right to understand the care you or your loved one is receiving, and to make changes if that care results in harm. Families deserve to know how their loved one’s life has been impacted or even how their loved one’s life has ended. When a VA hospital provides such bad care that a veteran’s life is taken, they must face the consequences.

When I work on a medical malpractice or wrongful death claim, I often find that inadequate processes to keep patients safe were not in place, or that safety procedures were not followed. If your loved one has been hurt in a VA hospital and you take action against them, you can save other families from becoming victims. Your family deserves the truth, and the best way to honor your loved one’s service to our country is to make sure other veterans receive better care.

If your loved one has been the victim of poor care that resulted in injury, or death at a VA hospital, I can help. I’ll find out what happened to your loved one and I’ll Make Them Pay!®


Medical Malpractice