Hospital and health care professional mistakes frequently make headlines, and can have tragic consequences for any family. We should all be able to trust that when we receive medical care, our health will improve rather than become worse. When medications are mixed up, it can cause patients immediate and long-lasting physical, mental, and emotional injury. If you or a loved one has been harmed by a medication mix-up, you need my four decades of trusted expertise in medical malpractice law on your side. Call me, I’ll find out what happened and I’ll Make Them Pay!®

Medication errors can occur in hospitals, urgent care facilities, private doctors’ offices, and pharmacies. Sometimes, these errors can be due to something as simple as two medications look alike. A pharmacist may incorrectly read the prescription order. A nurse my distribute an incorrect amount or with another medicine that can be contraindicated.

I have handled many medical malpractice cases, including medication errors. I have learned that many of these mistakes could have been prevented if proper procedures were in place and followed. If your medical care provider has mixed up your medications and you decide to report it, you could help save the life of someone else. It’s important for your family to get justice, and it’s important for your medical care provider to face the consequences for their error.

Medication mix-ups can have a tragic impact on one’s health. A patient may not have received important medication, or they are given the wrong medication which can cause serious side effects, or interactions with the other medication the patient takes. Children and the elderly are the most susceptible to severe health repercussions from medication mix-ups. An elderly loved one might experience medication mix-up at a busy nursing home, just as your child might receive mixed up medications from a busy ER or urgent care facility.

If your family has been affected by a medication mix-up at the hands of a medical care provider, you deserve answers. These mistakes can result in life-long health issues and even death. You or your loved one deserves restitution for the harm you have suffered due to medication errors. All medical facilities and health care professionals are held to a standard of care.  If they have failed you, call me today 877.944.4373 and I’ll Make Them Pay!®


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