The Dangers of Texting and Driving

We all do it. We are driving down the road when suddenly, we feel a slight vibration from our cell phone. Many of us will pick it up and look at it, some of us will ignore due to the fact we are behind the wheel.. Unfortunately, most of the time people will respond back while still driving.

In the United States every day 9 people are killed because of a car accident due to texting while driving. This statistic is relatively low for every 1,000 crashes that happen each day from texting. With most of the percentage being teen drivers, we must warn people about the dangers of texting while driving and how it puts your life as well as other people at risk on the road.

Other Distractions

Much like texting and driving, another danger is listening while driving. This causes the minds of drivers to be distracted and unfocused on the road. Most drivers fallaciously believe that if they can see the road, they should be safe to drive. However, this is not the case.

Keeping all your senses engaged – not just your eyesight – is vital to having a safe driving experience. Your ears must be just as focused as your eyes when you’re on the road. Researchers from the Journal of Accident Analysis and Prevention have found that listening to music causes a significant increase in the amount of driving errors – especially in inexperienced drivers.

This doesn’t say you shouldn’t listen to music, it is just stating that you should be responsible enough to focus on your driving just as much as the song you are listening too.

Texting Tips (Driving Safe)

  • IT CAN WAIT (Do not text and Drive!)
  • Wait until you are parked in a safe location with the vehicle off
  • Keep eyes focused on the road at all times

Don’t let your phone control and affect the way you drive. Driving is a responsibility, not a privilege. Not only will you be putting your life at risk, you put other drivers lives on the line when texting while driving. It can wait!

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