Nursing Home Sued for Abuse

After an incident in Michigan with a negligent nursing home staff, they are being sued for abusing and slandering a patient of the home. He was an elderly Lebanese man who was physically abused over an 11-month period. His son set up a hidden camera after being suspicious when he noticed multiple bruises on his father. When the son asked about the bruises, the staff would claim that he fell multiple times into a wall. After setting up a hidden surveillance camera, it caught the staff throwing the man across the room onto the bed, and yelling ethnic slurs at him. The family removed him from the nursing home immediately after seeing the tape.

The lawsuit they are filing claims caretakers physical abused and hurled ethnic slurs. It also claims that he was denied drinks such as water, and had his call button taken from him. The nursing home claims that most of the was not true and after internal investigation, they could not prove all the allegations. The employees from the video were immediately fired and further training is given to the staff of the nursing home. The lawsuit is still taking place and a claim is being settled.

Some Signs of Nursing Home Abuse 

  • Unexplained bruises, cuts, broken bones. Broken eyeglasses, lack of medicine
  • Unusual behavior in the elderly person, witnessing threatening or belittling from care taker (emotional abuse)
  • (Sexual abuse) bruised, bloody, or torn underwear. Unexplained STDs or genital infection, anal/vaginal bleeding
  • (Caregiver neglect) Lack of bathing, dehydration, sickness from wrong clothing outside etc.

Deciding to move a loved one into a nursing home can be difficult and emotional. Especially if they are unfairly treated and injured as a result. Have you or a loved one suffered an injury due to nursing home negligence and decided to take action?

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Nursing Home Negligence-Abuse