The State of Ohio does not have any official state law that requires homeowners to remove snow from in front of their property. However:

  • Keep in mind that cities, towns and villages often have ordinances regarding snow removal. They can differ depending on what area or street you reside in.
    • Visit your local government or city council website for information on snow removal. Better yet, sign up for your local government or city newsletter via email or social media to keep informed on ordinances in your area.
  • Examples of snow removal issues that you need to check on:
    • Snow Plowing: There may be ordinances that prohibit the pushing of driveway snow onto streets. These may create sight hazards for drivers or may obstruct the regular flow of traffic.
    • Snow Shoveling: Ordinances may have requirement for removal of snow front sidewalks if you reside near school or public bus stops. This can keep pedestrians from walking on the road when sidewalks are not clear.
    • Snow Parking: There may also be ordinances that prohibit parking on a street for a certain amount of time when there are so many inches of snowfall. This snow parking bans allow for city plows to safely and effectively clear the road for motorists.

These ordinances are in place for cities and towns in order to keep automobile drivers and pedestrians safe on the road. They may seem like a nuisance, but they are designed and implemented to be unique to a neighborhoods’ needs and for the general safety of the public.

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Article Name
Snow Plowing and Parking: Do your Research!
We discuss the types of possible ordinances about snow removal and how they relate to driver safety and public safety.