What is the Difference between a Harness Seat and a Booster Seat?

Harness Seats are a forward-facing restraint device that secures the child with a five-point buckling system at the child’s shoulder and both sides of the legs. The seat is secured to the backseat with the safety belt.

Booster Seats elevate a child so the manufacturer installed safety belt will fit the child properly. There are no additional restraint buckles in a booster seat.

  • Children should remain in a harness seat between the ages of 3 to 8 until they outgrow the weight limit for the harness seat.
  • Children should remain in a booster seat until they have reached the age of 8 AND are at least 4’9”
  • Harness and Booster seats should, if possible, be used in the back seat of the vehicle.

Parents should Make the Right Call While Following the Law!

Some parents choose to upgrade to a harness seat with a higher weight limit when their child is right on the cusp of transitioning to a booster seat. All children are different and grow and mature at different rates.

Please note that when you transition your little angel to a booster seat, they can adjust the seatbelt. If your little one is particularly rambunctious or curious, you may want to keep them in a harness seat a little longer. (as long as the seat is appropriate for their weight!)

A Word of Caution! Some manufacturers of booster seats may advertise that their product is safe for kids of a certain age, height and weight to use, but don’t just take their word for it! Be sure you are following state law and recommendation from the experts. When in doubt, ask your child’s pediatrician!

The Safest Harness and Booster Seats are those that are used Correctly!

Experts agree: these seat devices will keep your children safest when they are used the right way and the child is properly secured. Keep the instruction manual for harness and booster seats in your glove box, make copies of them for others that drive around your children, such as the babysitter or Grandma and Grandpa. Better yet, take a picture or video with your phone of the kid being properly secured in the seat, so that yourself, friends, or family member can refer to it later if need be.

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Harness vs. Booster Seats: What Parents Should Know
We discuss the differences of harness and booster seats and what parents should know while making the transition.