Your smartphone knows if you’re a good driver

When insurance companies issue insurance they go by a standard quota starting from a driver’s gender, age, and location to assess whether or not they are high risk for being involved in a crash. Now that is a thing of the past. With new technology there is an app on your smartphone that can tell if you are a good and safe driver on the road. The app monitors how often you slam on your brakes tracking data over months.

Some insurance companies rely on this new technology, but for drivers who usually brake hard and often, may be problem lying ahead in the future. The insurance companies rely on the data of this app and this decides what to charge you. People get rewarded for giving up their smartphone data to the insurance companies, but also many thinks this is a new way to promote safer driving for everyone. If people know they are being tracked or “watched” they won’t drive as reckless.

People are not born safe drivers, it is something you must be taught and learn to do. With these new apps it will for the most part enforce drivers to be safer because of the reward of having cheaper insurance. With over many insurance companies, not all work with the app but hopefully over time this can be achieved.

According to some of the companies, smartphone users who track their habits on the road tend to ultimately improve their driving. This isn’t a go ahead and say that it is okay for drivers to use their phone while driving, but this app could be useful and maybe is a start to get through to drivers that are always on their phone.

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