Car Accidents Remain a Top Child Killer – Child Restraints Save Lives

Unintentional injury such as car accidents is the most common cause of death in children under the age of 15 years old. This is also one of the leading causes of death in children.

Since 2010 there is an average of 11 children that die in car accidents per week. That is over 5,000 accidents and counting since 2010. That number excludes pedestrians, those who died in motorcycle or bicycle accidents, and those who died riding in an unenclosed cargo area or trailer. Most of the children who died did not have a safety belt on at the time of the accident. Over 43% of the children that die each year were not properly secured, and 15 percent of the children were sitting in the front seat. Over 13% of the children that die are in the car with someone who is under the influence of alcohol.

The Federal Highway Administration has ruled that most deaths that occur happen to be on rural roads and areas. Many causes could contribute to this such as low-lit areas, the distance away from a medical center, and the drivers being unfamiliar with these areas.

Many factors influence the number of fatalities, and the study could not cover all of them. It is hard to pinpoint exactly what the biggest contributing factor and overall death risk is with so many types of vehicles, accident situations, roads, areas, speed limits, and cameras. There is no data pertaining to how many miles are driven across each state, but most accidents in Ohio happen within the first 15 miles. At least one thing is clear: Child restraints are effective in preventing injury and death. I personally don’t understand as a parent how you would not properly restrain your child to keep them safe. It is important to always restrain your child for their safety, and if you don’t properly secure your child you may be subject to criminal prosecution for child endangerment!

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