Think Fast – Drive Slow (Safe Driving)

When purchasing a brand-new vehicle, some of us look for the cool or nice looking one. Others try to pick the best and most dependable and reliable car, but most of the time newer drivers want a car that goes fast! With the way cars are built now, they can have a speed of anywhere from 120 to 160 mph. Some people see things like the Daytona 500 racing event and think “Wow, I want to go fast just like them!” With younger, inexperienced drivers on the road along with experienced drivers, this makes more of a hazardous and unsafe roadway, putting many people at risk for a car accident. Driving is a responsibility, not a privilege, and should be taken seriously at all times.

How To Drive Safe (Tips)

  • Maintain a safe driving speed (obey signs)
  • Always follow the 3 second rule when behind vehicles
  • Avoid taking sharp and unsafe turns
  • Be sure to always look both ways even when light is green
  • Use mirrors/turn signals
  • Avoid sudden stops
  • Drive with your limits (take breaks)

If you or a family member has suffered injury, or even death, because of a car accident in Ohio, I have two very specific goals for your case:

First, I want to get you and your family the compensation you need and deserve.

Secondly, I want to hold negligent drivers accountable, so that they will be more responsible in the future, and my hope is that the car accident suffered by you or your family member doesn’t happen to anyone else.

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