When you think about workplace injury, you probably think about physical injuries caused by machine malfunctions, or trips and falls in the workplace. In fact, workplace injury is a wide category that includes any physical injury you experience from repeated activity or repeated environmental exposures that occur as a result of your job and responsibilities. Some workplace hazards can affect long-term health, but may not present symptoms for some time. It’s important to understand that you do have rights if you are a victim of an occupational illness or another workplace health hazard.

Occupational illnesses often take time to develop, and can be the result of repeated exposure to or physical contact with hazardous materials. If you have developed a health condition due to the circumstances of your job, you may be able to file a workers’ compensation claim. As a workers’ compensation lawyer with more than 38 years of experience, you can trust me to represent your best interests. Call me at 877.944.4373 and I’ll Make Them Pay!®

Common types of occupational injury and illnesses include:

  • Repetitive motion conditions. These conditions occur because of repeated motions, gestures, or activities that put stress on joints, muscles, or bones. For example, carpal tunnel syndrome is a repetitive motion condition that usually appears in the wrists, and can cause disabling pain and nerve damage.
  • Repetitive exposure illnesses. Some hazardous materials in the workplace can cause long-term harm to physical health; repeated exposure to these materials can happen by breathing it in, or dermal (skin) contact. For example, mesothelioma cancer is frequently linked to repeated exposure to asbestos.

These issues can take years to develop. If you experienced repetitive exposure or repetitive motion as an employee and have since developed an occupational injury or illness, don’t let anyone tell you not to consult with an attorney. Filing a workers’ compensation claim can give you the resources you need for ongoing medical care.

If you’ve been injured on the job, you need an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer who can help you navigate the workers’ compensation legal process. I’ll meet you anytime and anywhere to discuss your case. I have the expertise and resources to take on any size company or corporation. Call 877.944.4373 today, and I’ll Make Them Pay!®

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