If you live and drive in Ohio, maneuvering around orange construction barrels is a constant nuisance. We make plenty of jokes about how traffic cones are one of the four seasons, but it’s important to bear in mind the importance of those construction zone signs. Car crashes and accidents that take place in construction zones are on the rise, and with deadly consequences.

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In a construction zone, there are more signs to pay attention to, such as new traffic pattern signage or speed limit changes. There are also likely to be construction workers on or near the road, or operating construction vehicles in the construction zone. Many car accidents that occur near construction zones happen because distracted drivers try to avoid stopped vehicles, barriers, or other equipment.

Last year, the Ohio Department of Transportation recorded more than 4600 vehicle crashes that occurred in construction work zones. In total, 14 people lost their lives, four of whom were construction workers. Overall, the number of accidents is on the rise, as are the number of accidents occurring in construction zones. These car accidents can be particularly tragic, as they inflict harm on workers at the construction site as well as drivers and passengers in the involved vehicles.

To avoid an accident in or near a construction zone, stay alert and give your full attention to the road and potential obstacles. Pay close attention when there are flaggers or other workers operating signals and signage. Most importantly, maintain a good distance between your car and the cars around you. Traffic around construction zones can be produce sudden stops, and tailgaters may find themselves in a fender bender before they know it.

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