Riding Your Bike at Night – Safety Tips

It’s a way of transportation that is cheap and efficient. Most people have one if they can’t afford a car or just in general. People they ride them to get to work or places they need to go. It is also a great form of exercise that happens to also be an Olympic sport. Bike riding is a popular activity that is safe most of the time if the rider takes proper precautions like wearing a helmet as well as other protective gear. Bikes are popular among kids as well. A child may receive a bike as a gift for their birthday, or even a special holiday.

There comes a point in every activity where there is a risk whether it be basic injury or life threatening, and with the way the world is we have amateur drivers that cause accidents with bicyclists, and sometimes cost a rider of a bike his or her life.

The National Highway Safety Administration released information pertaining to over 30,000 deaths per year just from pedestrian and bicycle fatalities. 17% of those numbers are bicyclists that were killed from being hit by a car

Riding a bike at night is a huge hazard due to no lighting in some areas. This is the time where drivers have less visibility and cannot see you if you do not take the appropriate measures. It is important to reduce the risk of an accident by as little as possible. Here are some safety tips for riding your bike at night.

Night Safety Tips

  1. Don’t Ride on the sidewalk, you will be invisible to drivers when riding into the street while crossing.
  2. Get a front headlight. You should always have a front light.
  3. Wear Bright clothing, backpack, reflective vest etc.
  4. Don’t Pass cars on the right
  5. Slow down.

Always Be aware of your surroundings and Be Safe!

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