Each year, more than one million Americans across the United States suffer sports injuries, car accidents, or some type of fall. Any hit to the head that can cause loss of consciousness could be the cause of a traumatic brain injury or (TBI). Most TBIs include concussions, or contusions which is bruising to the brain. A hemorrhage may also occur which is a lot of severe bleeding, and a skull fracture could arise.

Results of a simple blood test given in any hospital can predict and tell doctors the severity of any traumatic brain injury as well as the therapy needed to recover.

The effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury can differ from each person. For example, many patients may not experience symptoms of a TBI right away and it may arise hours or even months later. Most patients that experience a brain injury are tracked closely and monitored due to the severity can lead to a coma. CT or Cat Scans can also show doctors if there is any bleeding to the brain.

A physician from John Hopkins University disclosed that a certain type protein to the brain know as brain derived neurotrophic factor is dropped after a hit to the head. In recent studies there is a correlation between the levels of the protein, if they are lower mean that the severity of the head trauma is more severe. This gave patients with the lowest levels of protein a low chance of recovery to their original state.

The sooner a traumatic brain injury can be diagnosed the better it is for physicians to try and treat you.

While further research is needed to fully understand TBI and protein levels blood tests could be the temporary solution to treating in a timely manner.

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