New Viral Challenge Dangerous for Drivers and Pedestrians

In a new viral hit sensation song called “In My Feelings” well know artist Drake has got drivers more distracted than ever. A moment where drivers exit the vehicle and dance to the song is called the #inmyfeelingschallenge , this has taken over the internet and has everyone posting videos of this reckless operation.

With videos of people dancing while the car is moving it also features them dancing in heavy traffic and even extreme as motorcyclists standing on top of their bike while moving and dancing. This is extremely dangerous seeing how the drivers are not paying attention to the road and even deadly to oncoming traffickers, pedestrians, and or bicyclists.

The biggest danger is themselves. People are putting their life at risk when stepping into the lanes where oncoming traffic goes. This is not only highly against the law, but If not careful and paying attention this will lead to a fatal accident. Authorities have yet to do anything other than issue a traffic citation if caught in the act.

Someone must put a stop to this act before it continues otherwise there will be more fatalities and injuries added onto a already gruesome traffic accidents statistic list.

Safe Drive Tips for Teens

  • Stay off your cell phone
  • Drive within posted speed limits
  • Do not exit the vehicle while moving
  • Be alert at all time for hazards such as pedestrians and or objects in the road

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