Every year, 125,000 workers suffer a crush injury.

So, what exactly is a “crush” injury?

Crush injuries are defined as any injury that causes compression of the body. Crush injuries can result in broken bones, damage to soft tissue, nerves, blood vessels, and even organs. Crush injuries are extremely common in construction workplaces, and they are usually the result of a failure to follow proper safety precautions.

The following dangers can be found on construction sites and may lead to severe crush injuries:

  • Heavy falling objects
  • Large machinery
  • Working at high heights
  • Powered doors
  • Heavy debris
  • Forklifts

Suffering a crush injury is a life-altering experience. Victims of crush injuries can face many surgeries and years of rehabilitation. Severe crush injuries may involve a large portion of the body, and can result in amputation and/or paralysis.

Crush Syndrome, also known as Traumatic Rhabdomyolysis, is another serious concern surrounding crush injuries.

An example of f someone is trapped beneath a heavy object for more than 15 minutes, and the object is quickly or incorrectly removed, they can suffer from crush syndrome.

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Dangers in the Workplace: What is a Crush Injury?
Hundreds of thousands of people are hurt annually in work related accidents. Many of the injured suffer horrific crush injuries resulting in years of rehabilitation, amputation and death. All too often, crush injuries occur because companies fail to follow safety precautions. If you or a family member suffered a crush injury it is imperative to find out what happened. An experienced workplace injury will help to unravel the circumstances that resulted in the crush injury.
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