Catastrophic Pool Injuries

In hotels, city parks and even residential developments, public pools provide a popular attraction for kids and adults of all ages.  While families just like yours and mine can enjoy a day splashing in the sun, serious dangers can be found in almost every pool setting.

Keeping yourself and your family safe is paramount! We have an expectation of safety and along with our own due diligence, are able to take advantage of the great outdoors. Unfortunately for many, visits to pools can have catastrophic outcomes.

Common and Serious Pool Dangers

From slips and falls to head, back and neck injuries – Pools and water attractions with slides, diving boards and similar features can be an accident just waiting to happen.  Poor maintenance, wear and tear over time and general negligence can all contribute to accidents and injuries.

Even while abiding by all common pool rules, such as no running, diving, or jumping – Your family may still be at risk. The Centers for Disease Control reported that in 2011-2013, an average of 5,000 people annually were treated for injuries in pools. While the majority of accidents may occur at private residential pools, about ¼ of children hurt were injured while at a public pool.

Ranging from serious head and neck injuries to back injuries, severe broken bones and more – Pool related casualties can have a large impact now and in the future.  Immediate medical care, surgeries and even long term, permanent injuries can change a family forever.

Vigilance to Prevent Catastrophic Injuries at Pools

As a parent, we may not be able to control and prevent every possible accident from harming our little angels, but a little vigilance can certainly go a long way.  If you visit a public pool at a park, development, hotel or similar facility, doing your own safety check can have a big impact.

  • Check for slippery decks and walkways around the pool
  • Ensure your child can safely use attractions like diving boards and slides
  • Read and understand all safety rules and policies
  • Visually inspect for any dangers from wear and tear, weather damage, etc
  • Confirm safety response procedures and lifeguards on duty
  • Understand and explain safe areas to swim, jump or dive
  • Ensure any toys or objects are safe for use and permitted
  • Keep a close, watchful eye at all times

Report any dangers or observations to the appropriate management, and if necessary, refrain from using a facility all together.  It may be an inconvenience to go to another place, but safety is always the top priority.

If you or someone you loved was injured at a public pool, you must seek expert legal help. Contact my offices immediately!

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Catastrophic Pool Injuries
Those of us who live in cold weather climates yearn for hot summer temperatures so we can spend time outdoors and relax poolside. Most of us take this leisure time for granted and safety can be an issue. Sadly, thousands of people are injured or killed in pool-related accidents annually. This number is staggering. Let's never take safety precautions for granted!
Catastrophic Injuries