Throughout a pregnancy, obstetricians are trained to look for certain warning signs or red flags that signify the baby and/or the mother-to-be might be in danger. Typically during the third trimester, doctors will assess the baby’s position in utero, to determine whether a vaginal delivery will be safe.

97% of all babies are positioned head down. For those babies, vaginal delivery is safe, assuming there are no other labor complications. For the remaining 3% of babies who are not positioned head down, doctors should consider performing a caesarean birth (c-section).

Babies who are positioned feet or butt down, commonly referred to as breech, have a 33% higher likelihood of injury or death if delivered vaginally.

When a doctor suspects your baby may be in breech, he or she will first notify you of this potential complication. As the third trimester progresses, your doctor will encourage you to wait to see if the baby turns around naturally before making any decisions about delivery.

If the baby does not turn around naturally, doctors will use medical techniques to attempt to get the baby to switch positions. If you are getting closer to your due date, and the baby is still in breech despite your best efforts, you should have a conversation with your doctor about the possibility of caesarean birth (c-section).

Recent statistics show that as many as 60% of women who have a baby in breech decide, in advance, to have a caesarean birth. Of the 40% of women who do not plan a c-section, almost half end up having an emergency c-section.

With all of the risks associated with a vaginally delivered a breech baby, it is shocking to me that some women still make the choice for a vaginal delivery. What’s even worse is women make this choice without being fully informed of the potential risks and consequences.

It is important to ask a lot of questions during your pregnancy and to make sure you are fully informed about every decision you make. Your health and the health of your baby depends on it. If you experienced complications during your pregnancy, and as a result, you or your baby suffered a serious injury, you need to call me right away at 1 (877) 944-4373.

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Breech Baby: Schedule a C-Section to Reduce Birth Injury Risk
The statistics for birth injuries resulting from vaginal deliveries of babies in a breech position are alarming. Patients may not be told of the birth injury risks associated with the vaginal delivery of a breech baby, resulting in a misinformed decision by the patient or an emergency c-section late in the delivery process. It is essential for patients to understand the risks associated with any medical procedure. The lives of the mother and child are at stake. If your child was breech and suffered a birth injury resulting from a vaginal delivery, you must call an experienced birth injury lawyer.
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