One of the most elite sports in the America that everyone loves to watch. We go to cheer and scream with our friends and family and even we watch it at home inviting people over to enjoy this one sport we call football. It’s an inspiring sport that our young ones inherit and play but what is fun to watch and let our children do has long term effects on their brain. Behind every hit in football there is something that is going on inside the helmet that parents should be aware of.

New research published by Annals of Neurology took a look at 246 deceased amateur and professional football players. It was discovered that almost all of them 211 out of 246 had a degenerative brain disease known as Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy or (CTE). This is caused by repetitive hits to the head. Kids who start playing tackle football at a young age before 12 years old begin experiencing cognitive and emotional symptoms associated with CTE 13 years earlier than older kids who start playing after the age of 12. Studies also show that each year earlier a kid starts to play football their symptoms will appear two years before expected.

As parents, it is important for us to know what we are getting our children into. Although in football our kids wear helmets, it still does not stop the effects from each and every hit they endure. Little by little the brain is affected and it is putting our children in a life of danger.

I Tim Misny have represented victims of closed head injuries for over 37 years across the United States, and I know that the consequences of a SINGLE blow to the head can be utterly devastating, and let alone the repeated physical damage that football players experience. I have a prediction, and that is someday not too long from now when all of the medical studies conclusively show that head trauma sustained in football is so severe, it will be that if a parent allows their child to play football it will be considered child endangerment!

Lets hope it doesn’t take that long.

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