For working parents, outside support and care is often necessary. Daycare, neighbors, after school care, etc.  As a parent, I understand how vital it is to be able to trust the people that provide care for our children. Sadly, I have held institutions accountable because they had failed to exercise appropriate care which resulted in an injury or death of a child.  This type of negligence is completely unacceptable.  No innocent child should be injured because of neglect.

In a recent Ohio tragedy, a 5 year old child wandered away from her day camp and subsequently drowned in a pond located on the property. While criminal charges may not be pursued, parent of this child have every right to pursue legal action for negligence and hold this day camp accountable!

Preventative and procedural processes

While I admittedly do not know all of the facts of this particular case, I can provide insight into what may actions may be considered negligent, thus contributing to this young girl’s death. For example, why was the child left unattended? Why is there an open, unguarded pond on the property where children are cared for?

Often, what seems to be an open and shut case can include details we are not privy to. These details can affect the outcome of any case and must be carefully investigated.  As a wrongful death attorney, it is not just about gaining fair compensation for the family; it is also about setting a precedent to change the way things are done in order to prevent such a tragedy from ever happening again. My clients are always my number one priority, but a close second is ensuring that preventable negligence and accidents don’t cause another injury or death in the future.

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Wrongul Death - When Care Providers Fall Short
Tragic accidents happen - sometimes even when every possible precaution has been taken. Contrary, children can unknowingly be placed in harms way, not because of abuse but because of pure negligence. As a Wrongful Death attorney, it is heart wrenching to speak to a family that has just lost a child due to a preventable accident. It is my obligation as a Wrongful Death attorney to hold those who are negligent accountable!
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