If your loved one was the victim of a wrongful death, it’s important for you and your family to seek legal help. As a wrongful death lawyer with more than 38 years of experience, I’ll help you get the justice you deserve so that you can focus on your family’s needs. There are numerous damages that can be sought and ultimately compensated for in a wrongful death case; call me at 877-944-4373 so we can discuss what may be right for your case. If you need help with a wrongful death claim, I’ll Make Them Pay!®

When a wrongful death case is settled, compensation is awarded for ‘damages” or the loss sustained from the injury or death to the surviving family members. Compensation is generally awarded in two categories: first, damages experienced by the deceased person between the incident that occurred, and their death; and secondly, damages experienced by the next of kin (by family members) after the deceased has passed.

The first category of damages addresses expenses that may have occurred after the incident, but before the victim passed away. This can include medical expenses, ambulance services and lost wages. This kind of award can help a family resolve bills that happened as a direct result of the incident.

The second category of damages covers losses experienced after the victim’s death. This would include funeral expenses, lost wages that would have been earned until the victim’s anticipated retirement, or remuneration for labor a loved one would have performed for your family.

Every wrongful death case is unique, and the damages awarded in every case are unique to that case. Having the best legal representation for your case can impact the amount of compensation you receive. It’s my job to make sure that your family gets justice for the tragic loss of a loved one. I’ll make sure your loved one’s legacy is represented fairly and justly.

If your loved one was the victim of a wrongful death and you want to know more about your legal rights, call 877-944-4373 today. I’ll meet you anytime or anywhere to discuss your case, and I’ll Make Them Pay!®

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