There has been a recent discovery of loopholes found in company contracts that prevent workers from bringing a sexual harassment case to the court room. This is known as forced arbitration, which is a resolution between both parties to solve a dispute outside of the courtroom. It is now found in over 55% of employment contracts, and can prevent perpetrators from receiving maximum consequences publicly, as well as legally.

A recent study by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reports that anywhere from 25 to 85 percent of women report having been sexually harassed in their place of work. Getting rid of these forced arbitrations would protect American workers, but these rules are under attack. Administration repealed an executive decision to protect employees of federal contracts.

Microsoft also announced last December that, “we eliminated forced arbitration clauses in employment agreements”. This is just one example of corporate companies going beyond just single cases. What about smaller companies? Who knows how far into the workforce harassment goes, and if there will be a guideline between what cases can or cannot be taken to court. Employers not taking action against the cases and letting things slide, shows lack of production as well as an unsafe workplace. Lack of attention or care by employers can also lead to an unsafe environment, enabling not only harassment but also higher risk of personal injury and work related accidents.

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