In this episode of Getting Legal with Tim Misny, 19 Action News’s weatherman Jason Handman and I discuss umbrella coverage options offered by insurance companies. The conversation was ignited today by a question from Facebook fan Glen Kutner, “Is it smart to have an umbrella policy and does it cover everything?”

I explain to Jason why you should get an umbrella insurance policy, and address the question, “What does umbrella insurance cover?”

Watch the episode and learn about this valuable protective measure that insurance agents often hide from clients. I truly feel that as a Cleveland personal injury attorney, it is my job not only to help people after a tragedy has occurred, but also to inform them of what they can do to protect themselves in the future.

Getting Legal airs on CBS 19 every Friday morning at 7:55 a.m.

Why You Should Get An Umbrella Coverage Insurance Policy
Why You Should Get An Umbrella Coverage Insurance Policy

What is an umbrella coverage insurance policy and should you get one? Tim Misny reviews what an umbrella coverage policy is, and why he strongly encourages everyone to obtain this additional coverage.

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