Under Ride Truck Accidents on the Rise 

Two mothers that suffered unimaginable, tragic losses are leading the crusade for better under ride guards on semi trucks.

The average semi truck trailer is about 3’ off the ground.  The average personal vehicle can easily “fit” beneath the semi trailer during an accident.  Unfortunately, under ride accidents have resulted in countless tragic and preventable deaths.  A vehicle that hits the side or rear of a semi trailer is almost guaranteed to have catastrophic results.

The solution is actually quite simple: Under ride guards.  On the back and sides of large trucks, under ride guards are metal or fiberglass barriers that hang to prevent smaller cars, trucks and SUVs from going under the trailer in an accident.  Unfortunately, the current federal mandate is decades old and trucking companies do not have to have ride guards in place.  Safety advocates are pushing for a big change. Under ride guards should not be confused with skirt type side panels that are used to improve gas mileage and driving performance. True, effective under ride guards are tested to withstand high speed impact and prevent passenger vehicles from becoming lodged under the trailer.

The Facts About Accidents and Under Ride Guards

Semi trailers are not required to have side under ride guards, and existing under ride guard quality is not mandated – Meaning many existing guards can crumble on impact. Rear under ride guards are federally required, further supporting the notion that side guards are a no-brainer.

A 2015 IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) study found

  • 1,500 total individuals were involved in accidents with semi trailers
  • Of those, over 300 suffered fatal injuries
  • 292 additional accidents resulted in fatalities after drivers rear ended semi trailers
  • It’s estimated about 50% of all fatal accidents involving semi trailers are under ride related in nature

Under Ride Truck Accidents

  • Semi drivers lose control and vehicles become trapped
  • Car drivers can get pushed or crushed under during collisions
  • Distracted driving
  • Weather related accidents, sliding and more

Passengers and drivers are both at risk. Whether your vehicle becomes trapped after a head on collision impact, or from a side ways or rear impact – The crush injuries are virtually unavoidable.

Under ride guards that are built and installed properly almost guarantee a collision with the side of a semi truck trailer will allow the passenger vehicles safety mechanisms to work – Stopping the vehicle from going underneath the trailer and deploying air bags and seat belts to aid in crash injury prevention.  While the impact can be dangerous, the crush and nature of entrapment under a trailer is far worse.


Passenger vehicle occupant deaths in 2-vehicle crashes with tractor-trailers 

Table from IIHS Insurance Institute for Highway Safety











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Under Ride Truck Accidents - Under Ride Guards are the Answer
As a truck accident lawyer, I have helped countless families fight for justice when they or their family members have been hurt of killed by a negligent truck driver. What frustrates me most is when solutions are readily available to prevent under ride truck accidents and injury. Trucking companies simply have t add ride guards to the sides of every semi trailer. These guards prevent smaller vehicles from sliding beneath the truck. The problem is there is no legal mandate the requires trucking companies to add them. This must be changed!
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