Accidents involving tractor trailers can be confusing to navigate. Pedestrians, automobile drivers and truck drivers themselves can suffer debilitating injuries because of 3rd party negligence.

Understanding the Difference – Operator vs. 3rd Party

If an operator of a motor vehicle behaved negligently and it resulted in an injury or death, the operator can be held accountable. A host of factors are considered before an injured party is awarded compensatory and punitive damages.

Alternatively, if a third party such as a trucking company, failed to properly maintain its fleet of trucks and ultimately resulted in an injury or fatality – Both the operator and any other injured parties can be eligible for compensation.

Types of 3rd Party Involvement

Semi trucks are not alone on the road, and their safe operation is dependent on a variety of factors. From the drivers side of the equation, proper licensing, training and care lend to safe and careful operation on the roadways. From a 3rd party perspective; proper parts,maintenance procedures, or the cargo itself can impact the safe operation on the roadways.

Incorrect loading procedures, obscured or doctored cargo inventories, faulty parts and poor maintenance can all lead to catastrophic results. With the size and speed of a multi-axle vehicle, the results can be devastating for both the operator and other drivers. Purposeful negligence on the part of 3rd parties needs to be recognized and penalized;  a precedent must be set so a similar event will not happen again.

Compensation in a Truck Accident

As the victim of an accident resulting from 3rd party negligence, you are entitled to compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and more. From surgeries to medications, long term rehabilitation, equipment, travel fees and lost income – Fighting for your rights is what I do.

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Trucking Accidents; 3rd Party Accountability
Trucking companies notoriously cut corners on proper maintenance of their truck fleet. As such, truck drivers and innocent drivers on the road are placed in harm's way. If a truck accident occurs stemming from improper truck maintenance, parts etc., the trucking company (3rd party) can be held accountable.
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