If you read my blogs, you’ll know that I am a huge Traumatic Brain Injury awareness advocate. It is no secret that contact sports such as football result in players suffering repeated head trauma.  For years, I have been on a mission to find an answer to combat severe head injuries caused by contact sports.

The U.S. Army Research Laboratory has developed a new helmet concept that could reduce severe head trauma.

Traumatic brain injuries are common in sports, but they can also occur in a multitude of scenarios: car accidents, catastrophic injuries, slipping on icy/wet pavement, or head-to-ground impact for military personnel.

ARL has teamed up with the NFL, GE and Under Armour for the Head Health Challenge II to find a better solution for traumatic brain injuries caused by high-rate impact. The program’s efforts are working to:

  • Assess head impact in real time
  • Detect, track or monitor any indicators of a TBI
  • Develop protective materials for the brain from TBIs
  • Reduce or prevent any possible consequences of brain trauma
  • Provide education on preventing TBIs

The Army recently received funding for their head injury research and what they came up with is groundbreaking!

Through extensive research, testing and development of a prototype design, they’ve created a strapping material that is rate-activated.

In simpler terms, the strapping material reacts to sudden motion, such as when a football player takes a hard tackle.  In such instances the strapping material will resist movement with greater forces.  This resistance slows down head movement within the helmet and thus reduces the risk of  head trauma.

This revolutionary concept can make a significant impact on sports-related concussions, but the science behind it will continue  to bring awareness to the consequences of severe head injuries.

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Traumatic Brain Injuries- How the U.S. Army Can Improve Football
Head injuries are never to be taken lightly, and as an injury attorney and advocate for making sports safer, it is my duty to make athletes aware of the dangers associated with Traumatic Brain Injuries. I have waited years for companies to step up and improve helmet safety so ports-related concussions are minimized. Researchers are finally offering solutions. The U.S. Army teamed up with the NFL, GE and Under Armour after receiving funding for the Head Health Challenge II. Their research developed a rate-activated strapping material on football helmets that will decrease high-force impact and potentially reduce the chance for a severe head injury such as a concussion.
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