In November 2019, a child was killed in a Thanksgiving Day motor vehicle accident that occurred on State Route 4. In addition to the child, four other people were taken to a nearby medical facility with injuries. The child was in the backseat of a vehicle that blew a tire when it was struck from behind by a second vehicle. At the time of this collision, the child was properly buckled in the vehicle and facing forward. The exact factor that caused the collision remains uncertain.

Among children between the ages of 3 and 14, unintentional injury-related fatalities are most common during car accidents. If children are not properly restrained, they are far more likely to get injured. The National SAFE Kids Campaign even reports that children who are below the age of four who ride in motor vehicles are two times more likely to end up being killed in car accidents. Through the proper use of safety strategies, it is possible to greatly increase the chances that a child remains safe while traveling in a car. The following will review some safety strategies that parents should follow to keep their kids safe.

Appreciate the Danger of Airbags

Airbags that are properly used have the potential to save the lives of adults, but they can make a car accident much more dangerous for a child. This is because children who come into contact with the air bag can be struck in the head or neck or suffocated.

To make sure that a child remains safe while traveling in a motor vehicle, parents must refrain from placing a child in the front of a vehicle if it is equipped with airbags. Instead, the safest place for children to ride in a vehicle is the rear seat.

Use Safety Restraints

Because children are substantially smaller than adults, seatbelts do not fit children properly. Children between the ages of 4 and 8 are at the greatest risk of being harmed by improper seat belt usage. Children below the age of 4 should be placed in child safety seats.

If a child is between the ages of 4 and 8, he or she should be moved to a booster seat. Attempting to use the improper safety restraint greatly increases the chances that a child will be seriously harmed in an accident.

Avoid Trunk Entrapment

Children are inquisitive. Unfortunately, exploring vehicles has the potential to result in injuries and even fatalities. If children lock themselves inside a car or truck, they can quickly find themselves without air or subject to extreme temperatures. Statistics reveal that approximately 35 to 40% of children who lock themselves in a trunk pass away as a result of either heatstroke or suffocation.

The only way to avoid the danger of these accidents is to instruct children not to play around or in vehicles.

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