It doesn’t take much time with me before my clients and my potential clients come to the realization that my passion and drive is larger than life. I get asked the question frequently, and recently as I settled a claim for a family in a wrongful death case, I explained that my drive and passion comes from my very own family’s experience in a wrongful death tragedy.

My Mother’s beloved father was an immigrant bricklayer, moving from Croatia to Cleveland to make a better life for his family. During the construction of Tower City Center downtown, a tragic incident lead to his death. A normal day at work was suddenly life changing when a scaffolding collapse sent him falling to his death, and my Grandmother was left to pick up the pieces.

My Grandmother has to bear the loss of her husband and partner in life, but is then also left alone to raise and provide for 3 little babies! She was unable to read or write a word of English, but did what she could to make ends meet.

One day, when I was a young boy, my Grandmother and I went for a visit to Tower City Center. We took the 2 or 3 buses from Euclid to downtown, and we walked into the concourse hand in hand. She showed me the magnificent gold dome, and explained to me that my Grandfather helped to build it. When I asked who lived there, she explained that these offices were lawyers, and that if I worked hard and studied, I would have an office here too. She said there will always be people that need you.

This resonates with me every single day. This is exactly why I do what I do to fight for my clients.

From start to finish, from our very first meeting to the close of mediation, your case becomes my case. It is much more than a ‘job’ or a goal. My family has seen first hand where catastrophic injuries and wrongful death can send ripples and have an impact for generations! The importance of gaining fair compensation becomes the only priority in my mind.

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The Source of My Passion
In this blog post, I share the story of my grandfather who was tragically killed at work. My grandmother greatly influenced me and my journey to becoming a personal injury attorney, Helping injured victims is my passion - I will go to the ends of the earth to ensure my clients obtain the justice and compensation they deserve.
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