The last few years have shown significant change in Ohio workplaces. This past August, OSHA raised safety violation fines to employers by 78% in an effort to urge workplace safety. Additionally, recent statistics show a decrease in Ohio work injuries.

Between 2010 and 2014 there was a 16.7% decrease for workplace incidents in Ohio private-sector jobs.

The national average in those years was just half of that, sitting at an 8.6% decrease for national workplace injuries. Based on these numbers, what does this mean for workers?

Workplace safety is becoming the top priority it should be!

Not only is it important to stress this among employers, but it just as important for workers to demand safe work environments and for their companies to be held accountable as needed.

Here are 3 tips for employees to push safety precautions in their workplace:

  1. Notify the supervisor or manager of any faulty equipment or dangerous materials that could result in serious injury.
  2. Make sure any injuries or illnesses are reported and documented with your employer.
  3. File a safety & health complaint with OSHA—all complaints are anonymous and taken seriously.

Any safety violations or questionable hazards should be reported and documented. Without these documented issues, all workers could be at higher risk for workplace injuries. Protect yourself and other workers by following the above 3 safety precaution tips.

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The Importance of Reporting Safety Hazards at Work
Safety in the workplace should be the number one priority for any employer. Injuries at work happen but can also be avoided if possible safety risks are reported immediately. If you've been injured on the job due to workplace safety issues, call me today for your free consultation.
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