I experienced a cultural shock at a recent family gathering. Five of my nephews were seated at a table and they were all texting on their cell phones. In fact, two of them texted each other!

It seems that with rapidly evolving technology such as texting, Facebook, and Twitter we, as a society are becoming detached and impersonal.

I am old fashioned. I prefer to do business face to face. That is why if a potential client contacts me, I will personally meet with them at a time place that is most convent for them. At those meetings, I encourage my client to include relatives, friends, and neighbors.

This is very import because oftentimes, a parent, a brother or sister will offer a great insight that my client, for whatever reason, may fail to mention. In order for me to be an efficient advocate, I need to know how the injury has affected my client’s life. In other words, what can they not do today that they could do prior to the accident?

At those meetings, I encourage my client to start a notebook. This helps them organize and document the details. Knowledge is power. The more I am able to paint a clear picture as to how my client’s life has changed, the easier it is to prove damages.

I’m happy to meet a client and their family at a time and place that works best for them. In fact, last Sunday night, I met a most wonderful family of a gentleman who was killed by a drunk driver as he was attempting to change his wife’s flat tire on the freeway.

The meeting coursed over several hours and it helped us establish a feeling of trust and a comfort level that will pave the way for a mutual understanding.

In order for me to continue to cultivate and foster these direct lines of communication, I make sure my client’s receive my direct dial cell phone number. I do this because my client’s questions don’t necessarily fall between the nine to five confines.

Recently, a client called me on my direct dial cell phone number one evening and I was able to answer his question. The next day, he called to let me know that if his question had gone unanswered, he wouldn’t have been able to sleep that evening. Sometimes, a two minute conversation can make all the difference in the world.

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