Did you know the state of Ohio is 7th in most licensed drivers in the United States?

There are 7.5 million licensed drivers in Ohio and out of those 7.5 million there are approximately 537,000 licensed drivers under 21 years old.

As the numbers climb for teen drivers on the road, it is our duty to make sure we provide our children the proper training and education to keep them safe. Practicing proper driving skills is necessary, but the vehicle parents provide them can be just as effective in keeping them safe.

Important tips for teaching teens safe driving include: Practicing daily with a parent in the car, parents setting a good example of safe driving by using proper safety techniques, enrolling teens in driver’s education courses, and finding the safest vehicle for young drivers.

Parents should always research vehicle safety by following several suggested guidelines:

  • Research insurance company studies on safest vehicles for drivers under 21. Many companies provide their own list of what vehicles protect drivers best in case of a motor vehicle accident.
  • Use the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (also known as NHTSA)’s rating system to examine each vehicle you are interested in. Ratings range from Five Stars (0-10% chance of serious injury/death) to One Star (46%+ chance of serious injury/death).
  • Heavier vehicles typically provide better protection in the case of a crash. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety suggests midsize sedans or SUVs as safer vehicles.
  • Safety technology is always on the climb in the automotive industry. Companies like AAA suggest vehicles with technology like back-up cameras, blind spot detection, forward collision warning system, or electronic stability control. All of these features can make the difference in keeping your child safe on the road.

I have been a personal injury attorney for over 34 years now but I can tell you that my priorities as a parent come first and, oftentimes, have an impact on my principles as a lawyer. As both a parent and a lawyer, all of these recommendations will be beneficial in keeping our young drivers out of harm’s way.

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Teen Driving—How to Keep Our Kids Safe Behind the Wheel
Motor vehicle accidents involving teen drivers have been on the rise over the past few years. While safe driving techniques and plenty of in-car experience may help curb this, the vehicle of choice may play a part in a teen's safety. If your child was injured in a car crash due to another driver's negligence, call me for a free consultation.
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