Semi trucks are an integral part of our nation’s economy. Doing all the dirty work, semis take on all the less glamorous facets of the transportation industry. However, in spite of the obvious boons of this mode of transportation, nothing comes without a price. Unfortunately, semis make the road a much more complex – and more dangerous – place to drive.

Especially on the freeways, it seems like thousands of Americans have neglected the specifics on how to avert trucking accidents. In fact, every year there are 50,000 collisions involving a truck with 5,000 fatalities as a result.

With the amount of accidents on the uptick with every passing year, it is more vital than ever before to cement proper highway etiquette when dealing with semis.

The Inadvertent Dangers of Semis

The primary danger of semis is also their most obvious. Inherent to any truck, semis are far larger than the normal sized car. To make matters worse, semis predominantly travel on high-speed roads, like the highway. Put together, these two factors mean that a collision can be absolutely devastating for an unsuspecting driver.

Along with their massive size, trucks also weigh a lot more than regular cars. Unfortunately, this has negative ramifications on the roads as well. The heavier the vehicle, the more force parlayed onto the other vehicle in the accident. Often times, this trait is what causes normally standard accidents to escalate into ones that involve fatalities.

The final aspect of semis that endangers normal citizens is the cargo that they carry. Sometimes, if the accident is severe enough, the cargo can spill out into the streets, putting the lives of other drivers on the road at risk. An often ignored, yet exceedingly dangerous, aspect of semis, their shipment adds weight to the truck and could potentially be barrier to oncoming traffic.

How to Protect Yourself

Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can protect yourself from the dangers of semi trucks:

  1. Be aware of your surroundings. Recognize when there’s enough room to pass and when it’s too dangerous. If you are not aware of what’s going on around you, the risk for a collision exponentially increases.
  2. Slow down! We all know that trailing a lethargic semi truck is boring and annoying. However, swallow your pride and know that it’s all for a good reason. If there’s no room to pass, accept the situation and move on.
  3. Keep your distance. Never tailgate a semi truck. They have to brake well in advance, and chances are – if you do end up hitting it – then your vehicle is going to come out in worse shape than the truck.
  4. Switch lanes in advance. If you can see ahead of the traffic and see multiple semis in coming up, then switch your lane. Performing these actions well in advance goes a long way in keeping you safe.

As long as you keep a cool head and these tips in mind, then driving with semis can be a safe and efficient experience for you! If you or a loved one was injured or killed in an automobile accident due to another driver’s negligence, contact my office immediately.

As your Ohio truck accident attorney, I’ll be there for you, and I’ll Make Them Pay!®

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Staying Safe on the Road With Semi Trucks
Every year there are 50,000 collisions involving a truck with 5,000 fatalities as a result. With accidents on the uptick, drivers should be aware and prepared by learning several tips to help protect themselves from trucking accidents. Call me today if you've been injured in a semi-truck accident.
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