While many Cleveland residents own motorcycles and enjoy riding them for transportation and pleasure, motorcycles can be extremely dangerous. When motorcycle crashes happen, they often result from another motorist’s negligence.

The Insurance Information Institute (III) explains that “motorcycles are by their nature far less crashworthy than closed vehicles” since they leave the rider exposed. In addition, motorcycles are more difficult for car and truck drivers to see than other vehicles on the road. However, just because a motorcycle might get lost more easily in a car’s blind spot, that is no excuse for causing a serious crash.

If you recently suffered serious injuries in a motorcycle accident, I want to help you seek the financial compensation you deserve. In the meantime, let me tell you more about some common causes of motorcycle accidents and ways you may be able to avoid them. The following is a list from Ride Apart that clarifies how collisions can happen when car and truck drivers are careless.

  1. Car Turns Left in Front of a Motorcyclist

Left-turn crashes are some of the most common. These collisions frequently occur when a driver does not see a motorcyclist or misjudges the motorcycle speed and turns left at an intersection. Often, left-turn crashes happen when a driver is distracted or is driving aggressively. Motorcyclists may be able to prevent a left-turn accident by keeping an eye out for vehicles that could turn left at an upcoming intersection. If a crash does happen, I can help with your claim. 

  1. Car Changes Lanes Into a Motorcyclist’s Lane

When a motorcycle is in a car’s blind spot or the driver simply is not paying attention, that driver can attempt to change lanes and crash right into the motorcyclist. If you notice a driver who is talking or texting on a cell phone, or weaving between cars, try to stay back.

  1. Car Strikes a Motorcyclist from Behind 

There is not much you can do to prevent a crash when a driver strikes you from behind. These kinds of motorcycle accidents happen when a driver does not leave enough following distance and follows a motorcycle too closely.

  1. Car Opened a Door and “Doored” a Motorcyclist

The term “dooring” can refer to an accident in which a motorcyclist or bicyclist is struck by a car door. When you are riding in a lane close to parked cars, always keep an eye out for someone getting out of the car. That person might not be paying attention and could open the door right as you are about to pass at a high speed. 

  1. Motorist or Motorcyclist Was Drunk

Drunk driving often leads to motorcycle accidents. If a car or truck driver is drunk, that person can cause a serious or deadly motorcycle collision. In some cases, the motorcyclist is intoxicated.

  1. Poor Road Conditions 

Poor road conditions can be to blame for a motorcycle crash. Sometimes inclement weather causes bad road conditions, and a car or truck driver can still be at fault if they failed to drive safely based on the weather conditions. In other scenarios, unexpected gravel or a slick area might cause a single-vehicle crash involving a motorcyclist.

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