The Car Care Council stresses the importance of car care and preventative maintenance. Well maintained cars are inherently safer to drive for yourself and for other motorists on the road. April and October are the two Car Care Months. October is recognized because it is an ideal time to have some simple checks done on a vehicle before winter weather and snowy road conditions are here.

A reputable mechanic can check for the following seemingly simple car care tasks. They may seem simple, but checking these on a vehicle can help ensure its dependability.

  • Oil Change: Consult the owner’s manual for establishing a safe routine for oil changes that are catered to your vehicle.
  • Tires: Check for air pressure in the tires and that the tread depth is not too shallow. It is wise to check that the spare tire is also in good, drivable condition.
  • Battery: Check for a good cable correction. Look for any signs of corrosion, as this can be a sign the battery needs replaced. A simple battery test can indicate how much life is left.
  • Wiper Blades: Blades should be in good condition and swipe water away cleanly within their reach. Make sure there is adequate amount a windshield wiper fluid.

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Article Name
Safe Driving Begins with Simple Car Care
October is Car Care Month. Simple checks done regularly on a vehicle can ensure its dependability and safety.