Roadside workers can be at risk of serious injuries in motor vehicle collisions if drivers do not move over and slow down when they are approaching road work. A recent news bulletin from the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) says that it is renewing its “call for drivers to move over and slow down for road workers” in the aftermath of five recent ODOT crew members being struck by motorists. In two of the car accidents, ODOT workers suffered injuries.

I want to tell you more about the ODOT’s news bulletin and to make sure you know what to do if you are injured in an accident.

Cars Slam into ODOT Vehicles on Ohio Roadsides

During the coronavirus shutdowns and stay-home orders, fewer Ohio residents were out on the roads. Accordingly, there was a decline in the overall rate of motor vehicle crashes on highways and neighborhood streets. However, many Cleveland residents are now getting back to work, and more crashes are taking place. As the news bulletin underscores, many of those collisions are affecting roadside workers.

The first recent ODOT crash happened at the end of May “when a semi slammed into the back of an ODOT truck” that had been hauling material for roadwork on U.S. 30. The ODOT worker sustained serious injuries and needed to be flown to a nearby hospital for medical care.

Shortly thereafter, another ODOT employee sustained injuries when a car crashed into his truck on a ramp. That worker was also taken to a nearby hospital. Additional accidents have involved car drivers and semi-truck drivers crashing into ODOT vehicles on I-490 in Cleveland, U.S. 224 in Putnam County, and I-77 in Cleveland.

Collisions are Avoidable

According to Jack Marchbanks, the director of ODOT, it is essential to keep in mind that “these crashes are 100% preventable.” Marchbanks underscored how ODOT vehicles are always visible to drivers, and that simply moving over and slowing down—as is required by law—can prevent a collision.

Although many workplace injuries require a workers’ compensation claim in order for the employee to obtain compensation, it may be possible to file an injury lawsuit against a third party—such as a car or truck driver—who crashes into a roadside worker.

 Call Me for Assistance with a Roadside Worker Accident Claim

Roadside construction workers should never have to worry about suffering a serious or fatal injury as a result of a negligent driver. However, as the article I just discussed makes clear, motorists are not taking proper precautions to avoid serious accidents involving road workers. It is important for injured road workers, or their families in the aftermath of a fatal accident, to hold the negligent driver accountable.

Motorists have a duty to use reasonable care when they are behind the wheel of an automobile, and failing to move over and slow down when there are workers on the road constitutes negligence in most situations. I will take every step I can to help you seek the compensation you deserve. I’ll Make Them Pay!® Give me a call today at 877.944.4373 to learn more about how I can help with your case.

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