Red Light Traffic Deaths

Careless driving is a concern to everyone, and even minor traffic incidents can impact you and your family’s physical, financial, and mental health. Recently, the number of deaths caused by drivers running a red light has increased; in fact, the United States is at a ten-year high for fatalities from red light car crashes.

I’ve been a car accident lawyer for more than 38 years. My job is to help you get the resources you need to heal after a tragic accident. Insurance companies don’t have your best interests at heart—that’s why it’s my job to be your advocate. If you or a loved one have been the victim of a red light car accident, especially if there was a fatality, call me today.

Running a red light can cause head-on collisions, high speed side impact collisions, and vehicle rollovers. These and other accident scenarios cause serious damage to cars, drivers, passengers, and bystanders. You could be facing a totaled car as well as years of medical care and resulting medical bills.

AAA recently found that every single day, an average of two drivers are the victim of someone’s failure to properly respond to a traffic signal. If a driver sees the light change and decides not to stop—or, in some cases, to speed up—the consequences can be tragic.. On average, reckless driving causes a fatality every eight hours in Ohio. AAA reported that reckless driving was also on the rise, perhaps because of distracted driving, phone calls, or texting while driving.

Serious or fatal car crashes result in serious consequences for the survivors as well. Medical bills and emergency care can be expensive. Survivors can also suffer long-lasting health issues such as damage to the neck or spine, concussions, whiplash, or injuries to the chest. Long-term care, chiropractic care, and mental health care may all be necessary.

When you’re in a car wreck, the last thing on your mind is documenting the car crash so that you can get your case through the legal system. After a car accident, your job is to focus on your family and your health, and my job is to focus on getting justice. You need someone to represent your interests and needs with the insurance companies.

You shouldn’t have to bear the consequences of someone else’s recklessness alone. Call me today, and I’ll Make Them Pay!®

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Red Light Traffic Deaths
The number of accidents and associated injuries and fatalities resulting from red-light accidents is alarming and continues to increase in Ohio and throughout the US
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