During the winter months it is hard to miss the abundance of plow trucks on our Cleveland roadways! We all enjoy a clear parking spot, a safe driveway and a dry sidewalk , but plow accidents occur more frequently than you know.

For those of us driving or utilizing a store parking lot, it is essential to give a plow truck driver plenty of room to operate his truck. As with emergency vehicles, a city plow truck must have ample space to pass. The size and nature of the plow equipment is no match for our cars and SUVs.  Serious and sometimes fatal events occur from impact with a large municipal or county plow truck.

Plow Truck Driver Safety

For plow truck drivers the winter season can be a great opportunity to earn a significant income. Long-lasting snow storms can mean long hours behind the wheel of a plow truck driver with little to no rest.

The nature of the business and the demanding schedule can often lead to operator safety concerns. Exhaustion is a very real safety concern for plow truck drivers, and in some cases, substance abuse issues can also enter the equation. Whether it is the quick schedule changes or the need to stay awake and alert for long periods – drivers may look to unsafe supplements to get them through a shift.   As with any truck, a plow can quickly become a killing machine when the driver is negligent and operating at high speeds in busy spaces.

Plow Truck Safety

For snow removal companies, equipment upkeep is certainly important since the trucks endure a regular beating. This doesn’t mean companies adhere to a strict maintenance program. Rushed maintenance, temporary repairs and ignored mechanical issues are all too common.

Failure to properly repair and maintain a fleet of trucks can cost the business owner a lot money in the long run. One collision with a plow truck can quickly lead to a life changing injury.  If the accident was a direct result of equipment failure, it could cost the business owner his business!

If you or a loved one was injured as a result of a plow truck driver’s negligence or faulty equipment, it is critical that you contact me as soon as possible.  Never settle with the insurance agency!

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Plow Truck Driver Safety and Liability
Winters in Cleveland mean heavy snowfalls and dangerous road conditions. Sometimes, snow plows are on the road 24 hours a day! This produces tired truck drivers, beat up equipment and an increased risk for accidents. A collision with a plow truck can be devastating, leaving accidents victims seriously injured or killed.
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