Record Breaking OVI and Drugged Driving Across Ohio

The Ohio State Patrol released 2017 Memorial Day weekend statistics and the proverbial alarm bells are sounding. Over the Memorial Day holiday weekend, over 800 OVI arrests occurred across Ohio in a 72 hour period – that is an average of 11 arrests per hour! This terrifying number is an 8% increase from 2016, and certainly cause for concern. Drugged driving offenses also reached reported highs, up over 26% from 2016.

With the Ohio State Highway Patrol alone making over 50,000 enforcement or non-enforcement related contacts over the long holiday weekend, it is time for a change.

Preventing OVI and Drugged Drivers

When you take into consideration this is only a fraction of impaired drivers, the stark reality sets in. In just a single weekend, 11 people per hour got behind the wheel, unable to safely drive – Putting countless lives at risk.  How can we as a society, keep ourselves and our loved ones safe? For every drunk or drugged driver that is caught, you better believe dozens go undetected.

In the extreme case of the recent Times Square driver plowing into innocent pedestrians while high on drugs – He had a history of OVI arrests and mental health issues. His actions resulted in over 20 individuals getting injured, and one young tourist losing her life.

It is up to law enforcement and also up to us, to change how things are done.  A large part of my job, and what drives my passion every single day, is enacting change that makes our world a better, safer place.  For my family and for yours, holding guilty individuals accountable is the only way we are going to see a decline.

  • Establishing patterns of behavior
  • Preventing repeat offenders – rallying for tougher laws
  • Changing the system for reporting and finding offenders
  • Incentivize individuals and even bar or restaurant employees to report illegal behavior
  • Holding the insurance companies accountable

Drunk or drugged driving is one of the most dangerous situations any of us can encounter while we are behind the wheel.  Every single time an impaired driver hits the road, it puts our lives at risk. Unfortunately, the laws and the nature of drunk or drugged driving can mean drivers get away with their crimes for years – Until the unthinkable happens.

If you or your loved ones have been injured as a result of a drugged or drunk driver getting behind the wheel, contact my offices immediately.

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OVI and Drugged Driving Dangers
800 OVI arrests occurred during the Memorial Day holiday in 2017. 72 hours yielded hundreds of arrests.... while hundreds of other offenders were simply not caught. The number of OVI arrests were 8% higher then 2016, but even more startling is drugged driving arrests were up 26% from 2016. It is evident we are losing the battle and more and more compromised people are getting behind the wheel, placing all of us in harms way.
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