Cleveland Receives an ‘F’ in Preterm Birth Rates

In a recent study released by the March of Dimes, Ohio results are shocking. The study focuses on preterm birth rates. The ultimate goal is to measure and report progress to reduce preterm births nationwide.

A preterm birth is defined as a birth that occurs prior to 37 weeks of gestation, based on the estimated age of the child. The March of Dimes estimates that 1 in 10 babies is born prematurely, with the potential impact of lifelong complications as a result.

For Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati, the preterm birth rates are among the worst in the nation! Considering our booming healthcare industry and resources, these figures are unacceptable. When it comes to carrying and delivering our precious angels, these facts and figures are frightening.

The Implications of Preterm Births

Preterm birth is cited to be the number one contributing factor for infant mortality. In addition, preterm births pose a higher risk for a variety of birth injuries and complications;

  • Damage to the Senses
  • Respiratory Complications
  • Mental and Developmental Delays
  • Feeding and Digestive Issues
  • Underdeveloped Organs
  • Breathing Problems
  • Cardiac Issues
  • Cerebral Palsy

The final weeks of a pregnancy are critical for the growth and development of a baby. While preterm births occur for a multitude of reasons, the poor grades across the state of Ohio indicate our medical community is not up to par and changes need to be implemented to drastically reduce preterm births. Ohio has reduced preterm birth rates in pregnancies before the 32 week mark, as well as making small improvements in preterm births as a whole.

Receiving proper care during every stage of your pregnancy is critical to ensuring your precious child enters the world safe and secure. While many preterm birth issues may be caused by outside factors, understanding your health and potential complications is equally important. If you experienced complications during your pregnancy or delivery and it resulted in an injury to you or your child, you must call me as soon as possible!

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Ohio's 3 Largest Cities are the Worst in Preterm Birth Rates
Pregnancy is tough. Delivery is tough. Raising children is tough. Raising children who were delivered preterm and now have developmental issues is tragic. Our health system in the State of Ohio must do far more to prevent preterm births. The recent 'F' received by Ohio cities is disgraceful!