What can happen in a split second? In the case of Ronald Urbanksy, an Ohio tow truck driver, all it took was one second for his life to change forever. This happened because a fellow motorist wasn’t paying attention to the road.

The accident occurred in March 2019 in Fairview Park, Ohio. Urbanksy, who worked for Patton’s Five Star Towing, was out on a call picking up a damaged vehicle at the intersection of West 204th Street and Lorain Avenue. His tow truck was clearly visible to other motorists because all of its lights were on, but this didn’t stop the motorist who ran into him. The person wasn’t paying attention and slammed into the tow truck, causing a severe crash that left Urbanksy trapped beneath a car. A police vehicle was  traveling in the oncoming direction, and their dashboard camera captured the grisly accident as it happened.

Although Urbanksy survived the crash, one of his lower legs had to be amputated. His life has now been changed forever, simply because another motorist wasn’t paying attention to the road. This should never have happened.

Accidents like This Happen Every Day

Unfortunately, accidents similar to this occur every single day in Ohio. Drivers don’t pay attention to the road. They’re too busy changing radio stations,  speaking on their cell phones, or even worse, they’re busy texting and driving. There’s no excuse for these distracted motorists, and the consequences of their actions change people’s lives in a very drastic way. For Ronald Urbanksy, who wound up losing part of this leg, nothing will ever be the same. He not only lost income due to the accident, but he may never work again, leaving him with plenty of unpaid medical bills. Sadly, all it took was a driver not paying attention for a single second.

What Happens Next?

What are your options after a life-changing accident of this sort? This is where I come in. All you need to do is call my office and set up an appointment. I’ll meet with you any time or any place. It’s my job to determine the next steps. Car crash survivors left with permanent injuries need to be compensated for what they’ve been through since their lives have now completely changed. Reach out to me and I’ll Make Them Pay!®


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