You trust nursing homes to take excellent care of your elderly loved ones. Therefore, when family members are unable to care for their grandparents, parents, or aunts and uncles, they are sent to a facility that will ensure that their needs are met: fed, bathed, interacted with and medication is properly administered. What no one expects their loved ones to be treated poorly and even harmed. Recently, a US government report listed the worst nursing homes and long-term care facilities in the country. Sadly, four Northeastern Ohio nursing homes made this horrific list.

A Report from the U.S. Government

The United States Government keeps a list of nursing homes and senior care facilities that have a “persistent record of poor care.” In the past, the government kept this list a secret, and didn’t release it to the public. However, a group of U.S. senators made sure it was made public. These facilities are located all over the country, and out of the 400 who made the list, four of them are in our community!. The names of those nursing homes are Fairlawn Rehab and Nursing, Hudson Elms, Eliza Bryant Center, and Canton Christian Home. Details regarding the designation are not known.

People Need to Trust Nursing Homes

Many nursing homes have long waiting lists to get in, and once your loved one has a room, you believe that they are getting the best care available. When this fails to happen, and you learn the care is sub-par, or even borders upon negligence, you have few options. You can either sign your loved ones up for another waiting list at a different facility, or allow them to stay in a place you no longer trust. Either way, you experience stress and other hardships as you wait for a resolution.

These nursing homes or long-term care facilities are often understaffed or lack a sufficient number of properly trained staff in order to maintain the required level of care. When this happens, patients are mistreated, ignored, or worse. There are many examples of patients who are killed in nursing homes due to neglect. You never want your loved ones to fall prey to these facilities, but many families are left with very few options.

I am here to tell you, you have another option. You can call me when your loved one’s nursing home fails to provide the proper level of care. I’ll find out what happened and I’ll Make Them Pay!®

Nursing Home Negligence-Abuse